31 January 2022

I Remember Now


A long while ago when GM introduced the Atlas engine series I speculated that the new DOHC 24-valve inline 6 would be a really good swap into any of the numerous vehicles from the 40's and 50's that came with the old Straight-Six!

It'd be a significant upgrade in power over the 216 cu in mill.  The 1947 motor made 83 hp @ 3,200 and 168 ft-lb @ 1,100.  A 2006+ LL8 makes 291 hp @ 6000 / 277 ft-lb @ 4800.  Hmmmmm, better upgrade the brakes...

I love the 47-49 Chevy Fleetmasters too.

Plunk in a 6-speed auto and it might even get good mileage.  The Trailblazer with a 4L60E got 14/20 in the 2009 model year.  God awful, but a much heavier vehicle, 4,356 lb. vs the Fleetmaster's 3,350.


  1. Speaking of the 4L60E, I just had mine rebuilt at the 230,000 mile mark. That Sierra keeps on rollin'. Ohio Guy

  2. This sounds like a really good idea.

    Might be the only one at the show.

  3. Actually a pretty smart solution. Putting a V8 into those pre-1955 Chevy chassis designed for an inline 6 requires some work (mainly steering column locations, etc. The Atlas should be a lot easier. Of course some people like some of the upgrades often done to adapt to a V8 like putting in a modern steering column with tilt and telescope, rack and pinon steering, Twin A-Arm suspension instead of kingpin, dual powered master cylinder and disc brakes... Anyway, the moon caps and not hacking the body up, trimming all the chrome and slamming it to the ground is a nice touch for me actually. I suspect that pic is of a resto, not a restomod, but a restomod that looked very much like that would be something I could get into.

    1. That pic is an all original car. They want more than I have, of course.

      I'd kinda wanna leave it looking original from the outside. Upgrade the comforts, braking and suspension. Can't survive down here without AC.


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