06 January 2022


Here's the artwork in Interstellar Wars:

Here's the deckplans I'm working from:

Already you can see they don't quite agree.

Here's my nearest approximation of this design that accounts for the deckplans and the overall displacement of 400 tons of liquid hydrogen.

No greebeling yet, and I can't quite get the same angle as the artwork.

I am becoming more and more convinced that the art came first, then a game stats THEN someone tried to make deckplans off those stats while looking at the artwork.


  1. To be fair, I always had a problem with the artwork and the deckplans meshing. To the point that I figured out the actual volume and modified all the drawings in order to make them fit.

    Like an unarmed 20T fighter. That takes up less space than 20T. Or the standard Ship's Boat which is smaller in deckplan and drawing than 30T, or the Cutter, don't even get me started.

    The Scout Ship found in the MayDay game plans more fits 100t, rather than the pointed 4 slab one shown in the regular Traveller game.

    And then there's armor. Tonnage by volume, so your ship is large, or reduce the 'volume tonnage' by the armor weight tons to give you actual usable and drawable tons.

    A lot of inconsistencies. Dangit.

    1. The Type-S Sulieman as shown in Traders and Gunboats comes out to 141 dTon and all four staterooms are severely truncated by the slope of the hull.

      The Subsidized Merchant comes to 500 dTon.

      The Mercenary Cruiser as shown is 1,200 instead of the 800 it's supposed to be.

  2. At least in Warhammer, and other GW products, my understanding is that one group does the models, another group does the instructions, and there is supposed to be a unification before the product is released. This does not always happen, and putting together a lot of their kits can be an interesting time, NSFW or children. Other companies have been known to have similar problems; try some of the Pegaso line of figures if you want real frustration. Pegaso puts out some incredible figures, but their building instructions are...meager, and often don't match the product.


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