30 January 2022


While I am sitting here recovering from my injuries...

Willard has been in constant contact, which has been great!  He even dropped off a couple of books and a donation.

I run out of energy very quickly.  I viscerally understand why the sore area is called your core.  You can't move anything without using some part of it.

Marv has been a mensch.  He even ran me to Target to get some Legos after we'd just been to Target for him to get some stuff.  He's also done some lifting duties.

JT has stopped by and lent a hand with the lifting, including disposal of our very worn out king-size bed to make room for a recliner I can actually get in and out of.

FuzzyGeff and Software Janitor lead the pack in donations using the donate button.

We're still not certain how much the medical bills will be, but optimism presently reigns.

The car was, SURPRISE, totaled.  We have an offer from USAA on the web site, but the adjuster said to wait for her to call before doing anything with it.  It is, of course, not near enough to replace The Precious.

Even paying for the replacement assistance would fall short of replacement.

Thanks for all the comments and well wishes!  They do brighten my day.


  1. Good to know you have people helping you, although this is not surprising. Chuckling, yes, core muscles are automatically used every day with no consideration, until something like this happens, then people realize how important these are. Not typing a dig, just a fact, I've BTDT. The important thing to do now is not get impatient about the recovery, let the body heal on it's own pace.

  2. Regardless of past disagreements, you have my sympathies on your accident, and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  3. When my 1984 Corvette was totalled (by an uninsured idiot in a Lincoln Continental who thought he could take a hard 90 degree right turn at 50+ MPH) I had to fight with Liberty Mutual to get even close to a reasonable settlement, even though I had paid extra for their better car replacement coverage. They tried to lowball me by using a "comp" from down in Laredo (known for cheap used cars -- and also lemons). After I complained enough and pointed out the extra coverage I had paid for they got a comp from a dealer in the Austin area that was within about $1000 of what I thought was reasonable. With my deductible on the uninsured I ended up $1500 out of pocket, and the newer Corvette I ended up buying was a couple grand more than the settlement. On the other hand, it is a better car and definitely faster than the 1984 was.

    Of course the next renewal they used that and some other BS excuses to drop me. Actually turned out for the best because I got a better rate at Traveler's, and they've been great so far.

    1. At this point I am uncertain I even want a hot-rod.

      My imagination is not running towards another Corvette. We're looking for a back seat.

      We've got nowhere near the money to get something like a Chevelle... at present. But if I put the money I'd been spending on insurance, XM and maintenance for The Precious into a fund with the insurance pay-out I could probably get something in fairly short order.

      If I were to get a Corvette it'd be a '73 or a '64+ C2.

      Anything would need restomodded.

      I rather like the LS architecture, modern fuel injection and overdrive transmissions.

      But I'm sick of paying for premium gas.

      I might even say "fuck it," trade in Moxie and get a different Equinox without all the Iowa rust.


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