23 January 2022

Lack Of Navigable Waterways Is Not The Only Problem

Several of the transportation issues mentioned have solutions that are in use in America, Russia and China today.

But aren't deployed in Africa...

Any insight, Mr Fleetwood?


  1. Well, to be fair, Europeans did kind of have to shove the wheel down the figurative throats of the sub-Saharan Africans, along with the use of large boats or ships, the use of draft animals, the use of any 17th century modern convenience...

  2. Railroads are a way around the navigable waterways problem, but they have to be competently operated and maintained. South Africa has an extensive and efficient rail system and the healthiest economy in sub Sahara Africa. The former British East Africa also has a legacy of well built and still running trains. The problem is that the tendency of post colonial regimes to devolve into kleptocracy and internecine warfare makes it hard to run a railroad, much less on time.


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