02 January 2022

Who Am I?

Who the fuck are you?

I've expressed on my real-name Facebook page my feelings about Ray's family who've let him down time after time.

Someone who has both of Ray's accounts has asked who I am.

Like I need to explain myself to them?


I've known Ray longer than you.  I know this because I've never met you and I've met everyone who knew him longer than me.

I was the friend who picked up the phone when nobody else would.  Including his brother and sister.

I was the person who forgave him for failing and falling.

I was the person who did the networking to get him a replacement phone for the one he'd lost; and didn't make him feel stupid about it.  FuzzyGeff did more for Ray getting him that phone delivered than this unknown on FaceBook.

I don't need to explain myself to them.

I think this schmuck need justify themselves to me.

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