17 January 2022

Knocking Off Rust (Updated With Pics)

The Lovely Harvey shot her Shield Plus today.

She started off shooting quite a bit to the right and was getting a little frustrated when, suddenly, something went "click" and she pulled her groups back centered.

First target, pulling to the right:

Second target once things started to click for her:

Decent grouping too!

I am sure she's fighting the "I used to be a better shot" gremlins because she has not shot regularly for almost a decade.

No malfunctions from the gun in the first 100 rounds.  A good sign.  It doesn't preclude future failures, of course, but at least it appears to be made correctly from the factory.

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  1. When I first shot my brand new 45 Shield, I had a hard time hitting the plates at 25 yards, and didn't do too well on paper at 7 yards while using my standard 200 grain hand loaded target ammo. The second time out with the 45 Shield and the same ammo, I couldn't miss. I whacked every 25 yard plate, and the 4 inch diameter hinged center on the small silhouette on the same rack every time. I think because it is a compact .45 ACP I had new gun jitters. At 7 yards from the low ready, on a silhouette target I repeatedly did a fast "2 in the heart, 1 in the mind" drill and was spot on.

    Practice, practice, practice.


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