04 January 2022

A Pity

One of the casualties of Ray's fall into the pits of alcoholism was his guns.  Many of them were his father's guns.

Normally, you'd think they were sold off to pay for booze, but this would be wrong.

Early in his homelessness stage he was bumming from friend's house to friend's house.

One of these friends has his guns.

He was too embarrassed to try to get them back.

Just because he was a guest, didn't stop him from getting black-out and he made an epic mess of the guest room from all orifices.

They kicked him out and, rightfully, demanded he replace the bed.

He was fairly certain that the guns were still there, and he'd gotten enough income that he could have replaced the bed now that he'd gotten sober and was staying sober.

He just hadn't gotten the nerve to face his friends after they'd seen him far lower than he wanted to be seen.

He didn't get a chance to make the amends and I don't think I can track the friend down.

I'm not even sure his kids want the guns, and I'm damn sure his ex would only sell them.

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