16 January 2022

Gen 1 Glock 17

I've got a nascent want for a first generation Glock 17.

Because I had one when I was in the Army and was forced to sell it before I returned CONUS because of the lack of years on my ID.  Technically the gun was illegally purchased on a special dispensation from on high to get us equipped with 9mm pistols before we went to the Czech border.

I've told this story before.  We'd turned in our 1911's and .45 ammo and drawn 9mm ammo only to be informed that the M9's weren't coming before we loaded the tanks on the train.

So we were turned loose on the rod and gun clubs in the area with signed waivers to buy anything that shot 9mm.

I chose a Glock 17 because, of course I did.

This purchase dispensation didn't allow me to bring it back, so I sold it to a fellow down the hall.

Once I got out of the Army I bought another Glock 17, this one having adjustable sights.

I should have hung onto it, but I was chasing some shiny chimera and sold it off.

Once I'd gotten myself sorted, I wanted to replace it and discovered that 1st Gen Glocks are rare collectable items.


That's why I have a police-trade-in 2nd Gen.  Close enough!  Or is it?

The Lipsey's P80 Retro Glock might scratch the 1st Gen itch... Or will it?

A real one is still expensive.  Too expensive, I think.

On the plus side, the Lipsey's don't appear to have become too pricey, and have come down a bit since they were first released.  On the negative, it's marked P80 and not 17 on the slide.


  1. I have three nines, and one of them is apparently a Gen 1 NATO surplus. A three digit serial number. I can shoot better with it than the other two, which are Rugers, The DAO one is particularly bothersome for me. I just don't like that sort of trigger.

    1. I can remember when I had three nines... Hell I can remember going from none to one to none to one to none to how long do I have to count?

    2. There were the days when when cherished old guns went away, and then the days when new things appeared. The program now, is to maintain the collection, and not have to consider it for want of cash. Two of most regret are the Stainless Mini 14, and the S&W Model 39.

    3. That one nine, I forgot to mention, is a G17. Der . .

  2. I gotta break out toes to count...

  3. A guy I used to work with was a huge Ruger fanboy and he had a mid 1990s made P85 in 9mm. I found it kind of chunky, heavy and awkward. He loved it, and didn't like my Glock at all. Said it didn't feel "substantial" or "sturdy" enough or something like that. I guess that is why there are lots of different 9s on the market.

  4. I snagged a P80, but haven't shot it yet. IDK why I bought it. Nastalgia? Investment? IDK...

    1. If I had a Gen 1 again it'd be a pure nostalgia purchase. Probably wouldn't get shot much, like most of the nostalgia items.


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