12 January 2022


If you had a standard Vegas die made from neutron degenerate matter it would mass the same as a 3 km sphere of rock.  3.36x10^12 kg.

Without a stellar mass to keep it compressed to degeneracy, it's going to explosively expand, though.

There's a couple of small moons around Jupiter that are this size.  Lots of asteroids too.

I had to relearn how to calculate the fucking density from the numbers that physicists use back into simple shit like engineers use.

Prolly a web page that gives the simple 4.9x10^17 kg/m3 answer I figured out without needing to get as drunk as I did to kill knowing that math in order to retrieve it.

Oh, and don't fuck with me!  I can do this math when I can't fucking stand!

This all comes from someone who's Mr Trivia at our local watering hole asking how much a die's worth of neutronium weighs.

Notice I called it neutron degenerate matter?  We don't use nuetronium to describe it any more!

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