09 January 2022

We Gonna Ignore This Elephant?

Rents are through the roof in the Tampa area because of lots of people moving here?

We gonna ignore how landlords got shafted for a year and a half for their rent and are finally able to recoup it and how?

Lots of them are, I am certain, looking to make up for the missing rents by increasing them now because they've got costs associated with ownership that didn't stop when their tenants stopped paying.


  1. Hey Angus;

    I betcha a lot of the people are moving from up north and they are used to paying out of the ass for rent anyway, and they will rent until they get their bearings then go buy a house. I just home they change their voting pattern and not vote Donk.

    1. Based on voter registrations, they're planning on voting Republican.

      Even fucking Broward shifted from deep blue to light pink from these new registrations.

    2. I'll believe Broward has changed when there's proof that a lick of common sense has appeared in the citys' and county commissions. Doesn't matter how red the voter base if the same jackalopes keep getting elected or stay appointed, and that's not including all the faceless bureaucrats who will keep doing what they have done before, and will probably do so long after they're dead.

  2. what is this sense you are trying to make?...panzer guy...

  3. And, of course, the Dems' way to attack rising rents, caused by increased minimum wage, rental stoppage during the Covidiocracy, lots of people, especially Section 8 people, moving to Florida, is to introduce Rent Control, because that's worked so well in the Upper Dem-held New Englandish area (News Joisy, York, (m)ASSachussetts etc.)


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