05 January 2022

Full Length Flat Tops

Olga and Valentine.

FuzzyGeff settled on Olga's configuration and stuck with it with just minor changes.  The back-up irons changed a bit and the muzzle device shifted some, but she's pretty much as first assembled in early 2007.

Valentine has been in about five configurations before I finally decided I wanted M16 A-nothing through A4.

These are the heavy girls in our collection.  Olga, in fact, has a heavy barrel and not the narrow under the handguards gov't profile that Valentine has.

All up, as shown:

Olga is: 11.3 lb.

Valentine is: 10.7 lb.


  1. i've found a pistol light, like a surefire x300 works just as well on an AR as a normal light...serves 2 purposes and during the day, it's a tiny bit of weight you don't have to carry on the long gun...panzer guy...

    1. There's an X300 on Brenda right now! The Lovely Harvey has one on her home defense AR as well.

      The only reason I have that baton sized SureFire on Val is that's what goes on an M16A4. I quit trying to match full crayon-eater authenticity when the forum I was using for pictures gave me three full rations of shit for using the wrong model of ACOG. So I gave Willard his ACOG back and put a Primary Arms 5x in its place then didn't even bother trying to locate the correct sling and stock mounted mag pouch.

  2. i did get one of those 1000 lumen streamlights (i hate streamlights) for my AR but it's too damn bright for house entry...blind you more than the guy on the other end...i have a 700 lumen x300 and the 1000 lumen version...surefire replaced my ancient x200 that stopped working with the brand new 1000 lumen model...love some surefire...panzer guy


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