16 January 2022


Talk about SKS prices on Arfcom reminded me of a funny.

A friend, who shall remain nameless, decided they needed 7.62x39mm to feed their SKS.

They spotted a crate near the entrance to the gun show the moment we walked in.  So they bought it immediately.

And lugged the heavy ass thing for the next couple of hours while we continued to shop...

It was only when we got to the car they said, "why didn't I just take it to the car right away?"

"Or buy it on the way out the door?" chimed in another friend.


  1. Yeah, when steel tins of corrosive 7.62 x 39 were sold for $40 each, two in a wood crate for $70 (with metal key 'can opener'), a person could get carried away buying that plinking ammunition. A few carried folding dollies for such goings on. This was back in very early 1990's.

    Unbelievable what a plain jane Chinese SKS will sell for now. At least 500% more money now.


  2. Yeah, I bought quite a few of those wooden crates of 7.62x39 Norinco or "China North Industries" mostly. They also had non-corrosive .223 brass case boxer primed from Norinco. 1100 rounds in a crate or so, and I remember paying under $75 a crate for them. Those were the days. I wish the damned Executive Order banning import of ammo and firearms from China would get repealed. It would never be as cheap as it was back then, even figuring inflation but it would undoubtedly significantly improve supply and reduce prices. Same for the bans on import of a lot of ammo products from Russia and some other places in Eastern Europe.

    1. The sanctions on small arms and ammo don't make any sense when we're still importing billions of bucks of other shit.

      Political grandstanding.

      Look like they're being tough to one constituency who want Commies to be punished and fuck the gun owners, which they just love to do.


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