14 January 2022


.30 Super Carry is actually a .313" bullet.  7.95mm.

A 100 grain 0.313" bullet at 1,250 feet per second comes out to 2d+2 pi- and 160/1,700 range.

That's less than the bog standard 9x19mm with its 2d+2 pi.

.30 SC vs torso will give an average of 4.  9mm will give a 9.

That's important!

Changing to HP ammo gets a bit better with the .30 SC changing to 2d+2(0.5) pi.  That will give an 8 against someone wearing a t-shirt.

9mm becomes 2d+2(0.5) pi+ and gets 12 on that same shot.

Perhaps its better compared to .380 ACP?

.380 will do 2d pi with an average of 7 against the torso with ball and 2d(0.5) pi+ with an average of 9 against that t-shirt with hollow points.


GURPS has been eerily good at predicting how well a gun will hurt someone and this is looking less impressive now.  If only it could ditch the pi-...  But if 7.65x25mm Mauser and 7.62 Tokarev don't make the "high velocity" cut for pi, neither does this!


  1. "But if 7.65x25mm Mauser and 7.62 Tokarev don't make the "high velocity" cut for pi, neither does this!"

    That was my 1st thought exactly when I read of this 'new cartridge'. The research on a hot .30 has already been done and its been found wanting. Because (I think) people associate a man stopping cartridge with bore size. The bigger the better.

    Maybe this new .30 has less report than the older cartridges ? I owned a .30 Carbine Ruger Blackhawk with easy to deal recoil, but report was LOUD. I began to flinch because of anticipation and that caused me to sell off, regretably. Except for that one quirk, the Blackhawk was a flat shooting sumbitch.


  2. 7.62 Tokarev morphs into 30 Super Carry, "there is nothing new under the sun". The 1849 Colt 31 caliber cap and ball revolver was very popular as a carry gun.

  3. If 7.62 Tokarev doesn't make it, then I can't imagine how a straight walled .30 cartridge could. Most 7.62 Tokarev ammo is 1200fps+ and some of it is loaded up to 1800fps, albeit that may be out of a submachinegun and a lot of that ammo is only recommended for such applications and not in most common handguns like TT33 or CZ52 types.


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