20 January 2022

Everyone Makes A High Power Now

Even FN!

Sort of.

They made it ambi and increased capacity to 17 rounds.

Sure didn't come down on the price from the old version...

While it's interesting, at that price point I'm prolly not going to be the one writing a review unless someone at FN reads this and says, "Hey, Thag, we sure wanna hear what you think about it and we're sending one to you."

Simians may also issue forth from my alimentary canal with great force, taking on a ballistic trajectory.

What I want to know, though, is magazine compatibility with the old guns.


  1. I believe the answer is NO to any compatibility between the Hi-Power and the new FN High Power.

    I think it's closer to a metal framed FNP then anything else.

    Also the "hand fitted prototype" guns on display at SHOT look like a drunk Century monkey did the work.

  2. Here's a twat with some pictures.


  3. A stupid question from a non engineer person. Would any one be considering creating a .45ACP version of this ? I wouldn't mind a .45 bore that is smaller than the CZ 97, it being a bit husky in size, like a baby Desert Eagle. That Hi-Power would rock my world.


    1. The .45 ACP version of the High Power is called the 1911... ;)


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