30 January 2022

The Last Duel

Rashomon did it first and best, and this is medieval French Rashomon.

Pacing is off.

When the pacing is off and you show the same story three times from each main character's perspective, it becomes jarring and I felt like I was gutting it out rather than watching it.

Something odd, I've seen about other people talking about it.

We get the Sir Jean de Carrouges perspective first, then Jaques Le Gris, then Marguerite de Carrouges stories.

Everyone spots how the first two are skewed in favor of the men, and assumes that the third telling is the truth.


Her story is JUST as skewed as the men's, and that's kind of the point of the way it's told.

What actually happened is not presented.

The other thing that sticks out is armor actually doing what armor is supposed to do.

In far too many stories you wonder why anyone ever bothered to wear the heavy shit for all the good it did them when the fight started.


  1. One thing I noticed was that EVERY damn outdoor shot was done on a grey, cloudy day. Did the director think they didn't have sunshine in the Middle Ages, or what?

    1. Sunshine in France in the middle ages? Surely you jest.


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