19 January 2022

OK Deckplans Have At Thee!

I noticed that the cargo bay as shown was too small.

So I extended it forward a lot.

Then I started looking at the layout and thought, "this is not set up well at all."

So I started rearranging components.

This got especially drastic when I found that there's no place to put the power plant in engineering as shown on the rules-as-written deck plans.

Fine, you're gonna make me rearrange, then lets REARRANGE!

Passenger staterooms have been moved to the lower deck.

Some of the cargo has been moved to the upper deck and an air-raft sized deck elevator installed there.

Passenger country can be isolated from the rest of the ship.

Airlock and companionway have been added to the port side so the passengers don't have to walk through the cargo bay or engineering to get to their staterooms.

Best of all, it all fits properly in the 3D model I showed the other day!  Huzzah!

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