13 January 2022


As soon as she gets her new toy to the range to verify we don't have a warranty claim against S&W, The Lovely Harvey intends to use it to replace her SIG P232.

We're prolly going to sell it.

That will leave the old Colt pocket hammerless as the only .380 in the house.

We used to have several more.

I used to have a SIG P232 and P238.

Harvey's P232 was bought because she liked mine...  Age doth betray us all.


She got to shoot Marv's S&W 459 and she proclaimed it "heavy".  Which it is by comparison to the Shield Plus.

That reminds me that I haven't given a report on the S&W 59 I've been toting since the weather cooled.

Still carrying it.  It's still a full-sized duty pistol in a shoulder holster.

I still shoot it well.

Marv's 459 shoots high, and we lacked a suitable tool to adjust the rear sight.

Next trip!

This also reminds me to find the little screwdriver bit holder I want to keep in my range bag because of the lack.


Screwdriver located!

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  1. I used to have a Browning BDA in .380. I really liked it, not least for its ambidextrous controls. Unfortunately, I sold it during one of my periodic cash crunches. These days, they're beastly expensive and hard to find. (And I don't have any money for things like that, anyway.)


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