07 January 2022

Sabers And... Snippet 15

Lieutenant Fowler marked where Allen had gone down, his horse carrying on without him.

"Wood!  Jenkins!" he barked.

His sergeants were already on it, Wood going left and Jenkins going right.

The Googoo were sneaky to a fault, but slow.  They were also clearly more familiar with the Sioux's tendency for hit and run.

They were clearly not stupid, but they lacked... imagination?

As Wood and Jenkins completed the wide circle and began closing in, one of the Googoos stopped trying to hide in the chest-high grass to stand and scream what must be a challenge.

A challenge answered in the sharp crack of a Krag from some private of Wood's.  The Googoo's head snapped back and disappeared into the grass.

"Goo goo goo goo, to you too, fella!" he yelled.

Panic was starting to form in the encircled savages when one of them stood up holding Allen's limp form with some sort of stone cutter to his throat, "Goo gu ghan guh ghana!"

A ring of Googoo with spears stood up around Allen and his captor a moment later.

1 comment:

  1. Well, sounds like some group is going to find out about being 'sloshed with Martinis,' or in this case 'with Krags.'


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