11 January 2022

The Democrat Party Is Dying

While that might be true, in a sense, I don't think it's going to literally happen.

The Dems will reinvent themselves into something that attracts voters again once a critical mass of losing elections finally gets them to clean house of the off-putting extremists.

The Republicans have done this a couple of times too.

We identify some of them as RINO today because they had to become more like unto Democrats to get elected at all.

But I welcome this shift.

It would be peachy if the choices between parties wasn't existential.

Republicans are just as bad as the Democrats when they get total control, but in the other direction.

It's why I was so happy watching Trump doing mean Tweets.  He isn't really from either party.  It disrupted the paradigm.

I want the difference between the parties to not matter a whit about essential policies, rights, freedom and liberty.

Sweeping through the halls of government with a, metaphorical, flamethrower to downsize it would actually attain that goal naturally.

If there's no power to be gained over your fellow man by attaining office, then the worst of them will not seek it.

It actually did work like that for decades, until FDR didn't let the Great Depression go to waste.  We're still paying for that shit.

To quote the noted American Philosopher F. Geff: "The Constitution may not be perfect, but it's a damn sight better than what we have now."


  1. You DO mean the communist party, right? That goes for the limp dick repubs too! Ohio Guy

  2. A lot of "Democrats" today are left of Chairman Mao. If there isn't a backlash against that and the Democrat party moving more towards the center, they will either die, or if they somehow gain total control (likely through mass voting fraud) then they may start another civil war.


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