05 January 2022

Mutter Mutter Mutter

I am pursuing the willow-the-wisp of making a 3D model that confirms to the deck plans and looks like the artwork in the book.

Compromise is the word of the day.

I think the artist did the initial work, and probably even used a 3d rendering program to make the ship.

The artist is not constrained to making it 7,474.87 cubic yards to conform to the 400 dTon displacement of the design.

A different artist looked at the overall shape and made deck plans that have most of the non-fuel equipment on them and this gives some overall dimensions that should be adhered to.

These two things don't match well enough to just draw the outside matching the art with the same overall dimensions.

The art will come up well short of the desired 400 dTons.  Like 100 short of 400.

So I'm making a compromise design with features of both which will be recognizable as the ship from the art that will also be the correct volume.

Just so I can print a 1/270 scale one to sit next to my X-Wing game Millennium Falcon.

I've taken one design all the way to beginning grebbeling, and started over again twice.

It's a lot more tweaking than I imagined it would be at the beginning, but the rust is falling off and I'm starting to have fun again.

There's only so far I can take it because I need the stand and turret dimensions from the Traveller ship stl files I got from Kickstarter so I can leave space and holes for them.

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