10 January 2022

I Am Surprised

JT has been fighting his 3D printer to make a Type-R Subsidized Merchant in 1/270 scale.

It's been a learning experience, more than the Energa.

That is not a forced perspective.

You can see the problem with the print here too.  JT calls it "elephant footing" and he's working on a solution.

But what I really noticed is the 400 dTon Type-R's rear section is a lot bigger than The Falcon.

Since the Type-R, if being faithful to the deckplans, comes out closer to 500 dTon in size, and only the aft third is here, that means Han's ride is probably not even 100 dTon.  It's especially apparent when you consider that the wedge shaped thing in front of The Falcon's mandibles is a 10 dTon launch.

1 comment:

  1. I've always argued there's zero cargo space in those YT-1300s, and that's before you start hot rodding them. When you drive a smuggler's ship of course you get called a smuggler. Makes sense that there wouldn't really be a lot of large volume freight being moved between systems giving what we must assume is the empires large space based industrial system


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