10 January 2022

Making Luck

Bad luck can be catastrophic.

It will be pointed out that the better prepared always have better luck than the unprepared.

This is true.

There's an amount of luck in that too.

The luxury of nothing going catastrophic while you're getting ready.

Or a string of catastrophes which depletes the preps.

You can do everything in your power correctly and at the proper time and STILL get cut off at the knees if what's going wrong lasts too long or is something completely out of right field.

This should not exonerate those whom do everything wrong all the time and no amount of luck will lead them to any sort of lasting success.

Here at Casa McThag?

We've had a lot of bad luck.  We're getting our shit back together as we can, when we can.

Every year has been better than the last as we rebuild.  <-- That's tempting fate, ain't it?

But we look at The Shitheels and notice that we're living on our own, paying taxes, with occasional assistance from our generous friends (whom help voluntarily) compared to not paying any taxes and getting significant portions of their sustenance provided by taxpayers (whom help involuntarily).

Thanks to those who helped and are still helping!

Bollocks to you people who keep making it harder for us to dig out with your every shitty decision.

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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pN75C86pARU hee haw...lol...i feel you...panzer guy


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