29 September 2023

Because I Like It


File under: "Stop liking things I don't like!"

Found a thread at the wretched hive of scum and villainy known as Arfcom asking what the point of owning a Browning High Power was.

Other than I like it?

The only real "problem" with one compared to a more modern design is that it's heavy.  But it's not THAT heavy.  Same weight at a Beretta M9, and just 0.3 lb. heavier than a Glock 17.

People forget that extra mass helps with recoil.

Lots of people complaining about the feel of the grip.  Can't agree with them here, mine fits like it was made for my hand.  I think JMB and I have the same hands, I've seen this with his designs before.

The difference in capacity is mitigated by there being flush 15-round magazines for them (and cheaper and more available than the original 13-rounders too).

Hammer bite is real, and mine bites me.  It's not that big a deal.  Take.  The.  Pain.

Some stuff that didn't come up were the sights being products of their time.  There's not a lot you can do about the with early through Mk.2 guns; unless you completely disregard future collectors and have the slide milled for dovetails.

Have you ever noticed that the venerable High Power is nearly the same size as a Glock 19 which everyone loves?  Actually, it's smaller than a 19 because it's slimmer.

The trigger is kinda bad, but it's nothing you can't get used to and shoot good groups with.

The magazine disconnect is irritating, but it's easily removed and improves the trigger.

Would I carry one?

Qualified, "no."  I bought one to have one and have never invested in any holsters.  You are not unarmed with one and I've carried older designs.

Do I carry one?

No.  I carry a souless plastic fantastic.

But that's not the point of owning a classic!

Life would be very dull if I pared things down to just what was needful.

Prolly only have about three guns here too.


  1. It's a gun that has a good history of working when it needs to. Heck, I'd be proud to carry or own one. Because it works. And it has for, what, almost 100 years.

    And as to the sights, again, 100 years... it works. Lots of people, lots of targets, lots of plinking done with old-school sights. You could always buy another slide and have that modified for modern sights, keeping the original slide for goodness sake.

  2. Sights: most yahoos I see at the range can barely keep their shots on a 23" x 35" paper target at 7 yards, let alone any sort of grouping.. and that's with red dots and more modern sights than a Hi Power. Yeah, some iron sights are better than others, but at "pistol range" they all should do the job if the shooter can do their part. I just seldom see shooters who can do their part.

    Grips: whoever complains about the Hi Power grip is officially pants-on-head stupid and their opinions are not valid. Such people eat their steaks well done with ketchup and are best avoided.

    Size: correct!The Hi Power is the same size as a G19, but slimmer (which carries in the belt better) and has a more ergonomic grip. Also, that steel frame soaks up recoil. The extra ounces of weight is no big deal with a proper belt. The old timers knew this: slim matters more than weight when it comes to comfort.

    Trigger: yeah the trigger on the HP sucks on some models for a single action, but it's still far, far better than a mushy mediocre striker trigger.

    Capacity: once you get over 10rds in a mag, everything else is a unnecessary bonus imho.

    All that said; everything has their place and variety is fun. Striker-fired plastic fantastics are affordable, reliable, simple, and are disposable commodities (great qualities in a defensive gun). TDA metal guns are more expensive, a smidge more complex in their manual of arms, but the rewards are a better trigger, better accuracy, and they suit my aesthetic better.


  3. I don't own one. It isn't something I've lusted after. But would I own one? Sure. Why not? I own quite a few firearms that many people poo-poo or that admittedly aren't practical for most purposes at all. I don't undetstand why people have to be critical of people who own or like or even love something that they don't. That's not just firearms... It goes for everything else I'm into... cars? Not a Mustang fan for instance... but do I criticize people for owning one? Ok... well, maybe some gentle ribbing... got me there... But I understand car people even if it is "F-O-R-D". Guitars? Hey, there are some I really don't like but other people love... Ovation? Not my thing, but hey, Yngwie plays one and rips on it.

    One nice thing about guns... you can own more than one. At least in a free state. You can pretty much own as many as you want. Unlike cars, they don't take up a lot of room, or require being inspected, licensed, etc.

  4. Only one FM Hi-Power here, a commercial Argentinian FM copy. Half moon front sight, drift adjustable rear sight, your very basic 9mm Browning. Standard Browning magazines work fine with this. Purchased back in early 1990's for less than $200. I thought these were licensed copies, made with Browning factory permission, but read that the models made after 2000 were not made with the care that earlier models were done.

    I like the grip, but my CZ-75 feels even better. The FM is perfectly fine.


  5. Hi Angus,
    'Had a "Arcus 92" the High power spinoff.. nice piece!! 'Got real tight for $$ and let it go.... Should have sold something else!!! Meanwhile, back at the ranch, been on the lookout ever since!!!
    Yeah!,.... I want another one!!!!!
    Oh BTW, I in the future may part with a box or two of ammo but "NEVER" sell another Gun!!!!!!!!

    Got GUNZ!!!!!!............OUTLAW!!!,
    aka.... Gunner Bubba,
    also... Barnacle Bill


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