18 September 2023

Decline To Renew

Got a letter from my house insurer saying they weren't going to renew our policy because we'd failed to respond.

"Respond to what?"  I wondered.

It must have been among the dozens of "don't forget we're here for you" letters they spammed out right after Ian and Nicole.

Called my agent and it's they want us to get an inspection to make sure our roof will last another 5 years.

That will be awkward.  We're still making repairs from Nicole because we can't find a contractor who will show up thanks to rampant new-construction in the area.

We've stabilized the front flashing that was damaged and were planning on putting up new wood as soon as it fails to hit 90 by noon.

I'm not too bad at carpentry.


  1. When I needed a new roof back in late 2021 I had to find roofers from way out in west Texas to come to Austin to do it because none of the local companies would write a quote less than 6-9 months out due to all the work on new homes. We also had to order a lot of the supplies and have them shipped because inventory of building materials in Austin is low.

    I expect things will turn around soon. There are a LOT of houses and apartment complexes near the completion point... RIGHT as the market is imploding due to the stupidly high runup of rents, home prices and interest rates. There's going to be a massive glut of properties available. I've heard a lot of builders have already put new starts on hold and are just planning to complete what is already in progress and too far along to quit. They're also already having to offer big incentives to get buyers/renters. I think we may actually see prices fall.

    If I'm right, then you may have roofers begging for work... But it could be a few months before the bottom drops. I wonder if the lefties will still brag up "Bidenomics"? Of course they'll blame everyone else...

    As for insurance companies... From what I've heard a lot of them are just looking for excuses to non-renew anything in a "disaster prone area" and avoid having insurance regulators ding them for it.

  2. Just make sure it's to code and you have all your permits pulled.

    That's one of the things I like about living in the country in TX. I can build whatever I want without getting the .gov involved..... except for property taxes.


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