19 September 2023

Gone Shootin'

The daughter of a friend is into guns in a big way.

She's just learning, but has the eager support of us all.

Especially her grandpa.

Sold her this fine, 1947 made, 1911 he's owned for... as long as anyone can remember.

It was nearly bound up from old, solidified lubricants.

So I gave it a detail strip.

It's been a while since I'd had a 1911 apart that far and I, of course, got the sear spring in all wrong.

I did that the very first time I detail stripped one in the Army too, and I had supervision for that!

I got it unfucked, but it's frustrating when you do that with both the sear and disconnect springs UNDER the parts they're supposed to be on top of.

I still don't know how I did it, but...

Proof I got it back together properly.


  1. Who says women can't handle recoil? Nice pistol, good shooting.

  2. I've got an old army manual on the 1911. It's cool that detail strip it without tools; you use the pistol's own parts to take it apart as you go along. Genius. -JKing

    1. When I first saw the "no-tools" instructions for stripping a 1911, I tried it!

      Using the hammer strut to get the mainspring housing retainer out is not fun, in my opinion.

    2. *thumbs up* -JKing


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