23 September 2023

Ogre Or Bolo

The first cybertank is in prototype.

The question is: Will it follow Keith Laumer or Steve Jackson in its vision.


  1. Heh, it's a government project, more likely Saberhagen.

  2. Back in the day, when buying and wearing buttons was a thing at cons, I had this one:

    "They May Have Claymores and Dragons, but We Have Bolos and Ogres!"

  3. My OCD requires me to note Laumer's first name is Keith.

    1. I default to German too often when e before i makes a long e sound.

  4. Being a fan of Mr. Laumer's work, I'll add to the discussion that his legal first name was "John"; John Keith Laumer.
    Another future tank was Gottlos, a story by Colin Kapp that appeared in Analog SF mag in the November 1969 issue. I was working my first UG contract at Kodak in 1995, and getting into the work to the point that a visiting NASA engineer asked me how I was getting so much done? I replied that I was as Gottlos, wired into the machine. I still had my collection of Astoundings and Analogs at that time, and I brought that issue the next day to show him and my boss. I remember my wonderful boss, Terry S, who died soon afterwards of a weird disease, laughing as I spoke to the NASA in a cyber-sounding voice. Rest well, Terry, and thanks for my second career.

  5. Neat, a Mk.1. Amazing time to be alive.


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