25 September 2023

MOAR Rumors

In addition to shedding employees, the rumors are also saying that KE Arms has stopped making the KP-15 lower and the last run was in 2021.

Clearly they made plenty, because they still have stock, but this is sounding familiar.

GWACS did a big run and sold lowers for a while after they'd stopped making new ones too.

For this one I am wondering if the idea of a monolithic polymer lower is just too much for people.

I know people who are still waiting for this whole plastic pistol thing to blow over.

And 5.56 is just a phase that will end once sensible people take over too.

Too revolutionary coupled with the bad blood that is being cultivated between disparate political factions...  That could chill the heck out of sales.

The bummer part is it didn't have to be.

You want to sell to bible thumping conservatives AND Antifa?

Don't mention your politics at all and take money from anyone who can pass the background check.

Take sides?  Expect the side you don't support to look elsewhere.

1 comment:

  1. If you're gonna spend money tooling up and running 1 or 10, you might as well do 1,000 or 10,000. But, yeah, kinda interesting to lose so many employees.


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