27 September 2023

Where Did They Come From

It turns out I have several spare laptop batteries that fit the current laptop that I don't remember buying.

Several meaning, three.

Two registered 0% and one 5% when I installed them.

The first took about three hours to get to 99% and stalled there with a minute remaining for about an hour.

Second one took about two hours to get fully charged.

The one that started at 5% is currently charging and, so far, the time remaining is consistent with the estimate given minus elapsed time.

I am glad that I didn't count on them being charged up.

I think the last time I did was...  Uh...

I don't remember when the last time I charged them was.


  1. Whoa... A laptop with replaceable batteries? Sooo 2010s, my dude.

    1. Lenovo ThinkPad T420s running Linux. Unless you pack it with roach droppings, they run practically forever.

    2. Yeah, laptops are now made to be disposable. Not only is the battery in most laptops like Macbooks not removable, it is major surgery to replace it or pretty much any internal component. They're made to be non-repairable. All the parts are glued in place and fragile so they break if the glue is tampered with.

    3. Too bad there aren't laptop shells and components so we could build our own like with a desktop.

    4. There sort of are. Not anywhere near the level of flexibility you get with desktops, of course, but way more than the nothing there was before those guys showed up. Also, the camera and microphone have physical cutout switches.


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