27 September 2023

How Very Florida Of You

SanFran mayor to require drug testing for eligibility for welfare benefits.

I remember the near universal condemnation of this idea when Florida implemented it.  So long ago, I don't remember when.

2014!  Thanks, Internet!

Oh, and it was ruled unconstitutional.

I have a plan that's totally constitutional and would work, which is why nobody will ever try it.

First, we dump the drug laws.  It's not the State's job to save you from yourself.  That job is impossibly big anyway.

Second, we end welfare.  If there's nothing to abuse, then it's impossible to abuse it.  Nothing about this point says we're making charity illegal.  You want to "save" the homeless on your own dime, go for it.

Third, we unshackle the owners of property to do whatever they see fit to expel trespassers.

Fourth, we unshackle the citizenry with regards to their response to crime.  The police were never supposed to have a monopoly here.  This one is complicated and will require some nuance to get right.  But I am aiming for justice rather than compliance with a list of rules.

1 comment:

  1. 110% agreed on all of this. This is a sensible start.

    We also need to unshackle the Police and let them be able to do their jobs. Not unlimited power, but right now a lot of the rules they are forced to work under have them walking on egg shells. Then we need to insist that prosecutors do their job and not refuse to prosecute people based on their membership in a class. Being "traditionally disadvantaged" is not an excuse for being a thief. And they shouldn't be able to just not prosecute anything where they don't agree with the law on political reasons. And we also need to insist that our judges give out realistic sentences and not just slaps on the wrist based on the same kind of liberal criminal coddling as prosecutors.

    Maybe if we could do all of the above we could get to a place where crime was starting to become more manageable not spiraling out of control as it is now.


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