01 September 2023


 Replaced the swaybar end links on The Beast.

The first thing that hit me was that it was much easier than the same operation on The Precious (RIP).  The Australians apparently considered the idea that someone would be working on it someday.

I took a road trip to meet a friend yesterday and the persistent vibration in the wheel since I first got the car from that same friend is nearly gone.

The ride was smooth and relaxing for the first time since I got her.

I think I still need front struts, but it's bearable now.

Next, there's been water in the rear driver's side footwell after a hard rain.

New window fuzzy seals installed!

I hope that fixes it.  I especially hope the passenger side doesn't start leaking because that part is unobtanium.

I'm getting very close to getting the car fully fixed so I can start making mods instead of repairs!

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