05 September 2023

Will A Senegal Millionaire Be Like a Zimbabwean Trillioniare

Akon invites every black person in America to move to Senegal to become millionaires!

"No please, dont'." W. Wonka.


I'm a trillionaire in Zimbabwe...

Is a millionaire in Senegal better?  Worse?

It'd be hilarious to watch this fall apart if a significant number of the black people who are the source of so much of our crime rate were to move there.

A win for America!  We lose those criminals and we get to watch the disaster from afar.


  1. How dare you point out that it is better to be poor in the US than a trillionaire in a $#!+#013 country?

  2. Oh, that was such an awesome role for Mr. Wilder... I try to chanel that when someone does something especially silly since I'm in charge of IT here... Might have to pick up some of that currency to hang on the wall as well... Still have some Iraqi and Russian from safes we blew up back in the ancient times... Equally worthless, but amusing to me at least...


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