04 September 2023

Ventura Effect

Watching Donald shitting on Governor DeSantis has me thinking:

He should probably not be pissing off the people he has to have working with him if he's reelected.

Mr Trump is not a team player and doesn't understand two basic things about politics or how he was elected.

First is he thinks he's the leader of this movement.  That's provably incorrect.  He's the choice when the establishment Republicans were being rejected by the movement.  He was handy at the time.

Second politics is most certainly a team sport, and the president needs congress to support their agenda to properly implement it.  Executive orders only go so far.

He seems to be going out of his way to make sure that he's going to be opposed by Republican politicritters if he's reelected.

Not a good plan.

Don't get me wrong, he's far better than Hillary or Brandon would have been or have been.

If he's the candidate, I'll likely vote for him because he's got that "Not Joe Biden" box checked.

I'm not sure he's the candidate I want, though.

He's too damn good at pissing off everyone to the point nobody wants to work with him.  See point number two.

That fucks us because there's a lot he wants to do that is great for us.

It's a totally different topic that the congresscreatures are perfectly willing to fuck all of us just to fuck over Trump for pissing them off by being the dick he is.

This is yet another place that shouldn't be a zero sum game, but it is.


  1. I would prefer DeSantis to Trump. I'd also prefer Scott or Haley or even Ramawami. Not sure about Christie or Pence... But I'd vote for any of those before Biden. Hell, I'd vote for a rabid raccoon before Biden. And I am not a fan of raccoons. Possums are OK. I wouldn't question voting for a Possum before Biden, not for a second.

  2. I didn't vote for Trump in the first primary and I won't vote for him this time, but I did and will vote for him in the general if he's the candidate (which I hope he isn't).

    I'd much prefer DeSantis, but with all the Trumpkins dumping on him........

  3. The Electoral College elects the president, so your little vote isl moot unless you live in a swing state. Personally, I don't vote for anyone over 70. -Jking

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  5. A big part of Trump's problem is that he is not a politician and doesn't understand how the political game is played. Unlike Eisenhower, another non-politician, he doesn't have the news media pulling for him.


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