23 February 2024

Two Forward One Back Mox Nix

Got the front left control arms replaced on The Beast.

Marv came to the rescue with take-apart tools for the recalcitrant rearmost arm's ball joint.

Pickle fork?  No-go because the tips hit the spindle before it could get enough wedge in.

Genuine powered-by-Archimedes ball joint tool worked, but we had to shorten the stem of the ball joint to get it wide enough to go over it and THEN had to cut the nut off the stem because it kept walking off the tip when we applied torque.

Once we got the new ones in and torqued down, it was obvious I'd need an alignment, but this was not unexpected.

What surprised me was the Stabilitrak going tits up on the test drive because the wheel was too far over.

C0710 5A for those scoring at home.  It's because there's steering input and no yaw signal.  It should clear itself once I have a good alignment on it, which happens tomorrow.

PS: The right turn shimmy appears to be corrected and the rearmost control arm bushing was shot.

1 comment:

  1. I once had a shop tell me my car needed a power steering fluid change... on a Geo Metro that doesn't have power steering.


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