20 February 2024


REAL unexpectedly, not the Democrat Captive Media "unexpectedly."

We've been watching the so-bad-it's-good-but-not-really-because-it's-THAT-bad show La Brea.

The Lovely Harvey and I just finished the last episode tonight.

We gutted through it when we should have rage quit two seasons ago.

I had more self consistent science fiction stories when I was in 9th grade playing Star Frontiers.

It's making Space: 1999 easier to watch.

Read that again: It's making Space: 1999 easier to watch.

I am tempted to find the OG Land of the Lost and see if it's better or worse than La Brea.


  1. Tried watching it, but... I mean, it seemed like James Patterson was the script writer, and he sucks and so do his books (and I don't know how he got so powerful and rich off of complete garbage.)

    General rule in our house, if it starts out more confused than "Lost" then ditch it.

    Generally, though, we have a 3-show Go/No-Go gauge. If we can make it to the third episode without suffering brain damage, we'll give it a try. Re-gauge at beginning of new season.

    Why you all subjected yourself to that drivel... well, everyone has their failings. My wife loved "The Way Home" on Hallmark, which was a time travel story involving jumping into a pond and being highly unhappy no matter what. She finally ditched that dog-squeeze during the 2nd episode of Season 2. (I lost interest about 10 seconds into S1E1...)

  2. As to the OG "Land of the Lost," well, probably still better than most modern 'sci-fi' shows. At least they had a coherent plot-line...

  3. I intently watched the first couple shows of season one and my frustration only grew. When Grandfather was attempting to control his grandson's whereabouts and who he associated with, got even worse. I pretty much got frustrated with the series, watching the TV from edge but not really engaged.

    The title 'TV shows you love to hate' category was specifically designed for series like La Brea. I'm wondering if the actors killed off during show were rooting for their demise (sweet Angel of Death - Take Me Now !!) I'll bet all of the actors cashed their checks fast !!



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