04 April 2020

A Good Desection Of The Idea That Wu Ping Cough Has Been In The Wild Longer

The Curve Is Already Flat

tldr:  It was here for three months before anyone clued into what it was and we're much farther along the curve than is being reported by the panic stricken media.


  1. Hard to argue with facts.
    Makes me wonder if the crud that put me flat on my back in mid February wasn't the Kung Flu after all.
    BTW, I got the link here from Irish at The Feral Irishman, he sent it to me in an Email.

    1. Welcome! He's a known source of traffic to my teeny little blog.

    2. Teeny, but with a voice that can carry quite well, considering the way some of the 2A quislings quiver whenever you tap your keyboard.

    3. I admit, I don't much follow them any more. But it's nice to live rent-free in their minds!


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