06 April 2020

Lazy Sunday Numbers

No new tests, but 974 new cases overnight.  Almost as if the lab took Sunday off and caught up this morning.

If the evening update is small, we're through this, I think.

If not...

It's not like they're going to admit it's over until there are zero new cases.

New cases and new tests are still advancing at about the same rate with cases staying consistently in the 9-11% of tests.

The longer this relationship goes on, the more convinced I am that we're not measuring the spread of the disease but merely counting the number of people who feel sick enough to see a doctor about their symptoms.

It's still an insignificant percentage of Florida residents.

I'm getting more convinced that we've been had by computer models which should never have been trusted because the garbage in wasn't even good enough to be called garbage.

1 comment:

  1. Definitely not counting all the people who, suspiciously, started to feel like crap in January.


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