02 April 2020


I'm world building and character creating.

I'm making an enlisted mage assigned to a cavalry unit.

It's c. 1899.

He's going to be armed like the normal trooper.

M1896 Krag-Jorgensen carbine.
M1860 light cavalry saber.

And a handgun.  Issue was the Colt M1892 in .38 Long Colt, but with megafauna thumping about, it might be "prudent" to have more puissance and go to an M1873 in .45 Colt.

He should have these things because such troops were issued them.

If I play the character I almost guarantee the saber and pistol will never be used.

I've had lots of characters take the backup guns and never need them.

Heck, I've never had to resort to using a bayonet with the 3e rules.  In 4e, where it's harder to hit, is untested.

Sidearms are nugatory.

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