17 April 2020

More Anecdotes Are Coming In

I've read a couple of posts from ER types who're detailing what they're seeing on the ground in some of the worst places.

I'm also seeing, on a couple of forums, posts from medical types who used to work at the places which are presently the worst.

It seems that they were the worst before Wu Ping Cough as well.

A shitty hospital in a shitty state/county/city healthcare system isn't going to deliver class-A service just because they imported some good talent at the last minute to grossly overwork.

Many of the dedicated new talent have no idea how it was before they got there and won't necessarily see why it's so much worse where they are now than elsewhere.  They're being grossly overworked and are very close to the subject.

They have an excellent blind-man's description of an elephant's trunk.

I think they're going to be extra bitter when they get some perspective and distance and find that they could have worked more effectively if the place they were sent had been of better quality.

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  1. I've read some of the harrowing stories from doctors in Emergency Departments in big city hospitals. They're harrowing, but then I think their stories are going to be bad because they're in the worst possible place to be. It's a sampling problem: they're not seeing the reality of the big picture because they only see the worst of the the worst; the sickest of the sick.

    There's a balance between that view and the "it's nothing but the flu" crowd. A particularly bad flu season? The key lies in the huge percentage that get it but never knew they had it, or just said, "that was the worst cold I've had in a long time." We won't have the big picture until this is over.


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