27 April 2020

Finger Crossing

Despite the doom predicted, the trend in the daily numbers has been good.

Daily increase in new cases is down.

Percentage of new cases against new tests is down.

Number of people dying is way down.

CFR is inching down too because the rate of increase of new cases is now higher than the rate of increase of new deaths.

Still no idea what the IFR will be, but as more data is collected it's looking more and more like it was out there longer than originally thought and is more widespread than some would have you believe.

It looks like it follows a normal, if bad, flu curve.

We've had worse flu epidemics than Wu Ping Cough; though, on the whole, Wu Ping appears to be a lot nastier per case if you've got some underlying issue than regular flu.

I think it's going to become another of the endemic coronavirii we deal with every year and there will eventually be a shot to go along with our flu shots for it.

In the mean time, let's get the economy running again so that Swift can stop running full page ads pandering for more government control and regulatory capture of meat processing.

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