15 April 2020

A Problem With The Media

They're using the exact same tone about 614 deaths in Florida as they do over 2 deaths in Daytona for Bike Week.

They're the same people who, after years of screaming about the dangers of semi-auto rifles based on assault rifles, could not articulate how a shipping container of Chinese Type 56 Carbines (real-deal Chinese AKMs) was any different; but also claimed was somehow WORSE than a Norinco Type 56 Sporter.

For people who're supposed to be adept and trained at using language to convey meaning...

They sure don't manage to evoke any sense of scale.

They sure are focusing on the totals as the patience with the shut-down grows.

They aren't mentioning that the trend line for both new cases and new tests is down.

They have not yet mentioned the relationship with new testing and new cases here in Florida.  You self select for being tested and you have to show some symptoms to be tested.

10.47% of people tested in Florida have been found to have the Wu Ping Cough.

Not quite 1% of the population has been tested.

I think we should stop with the gloom and doom and start with, first, a "you did great at this!" and get some damn optimism and can-do spirit going.

We know how to do this, we really do, and stopping to listen to people with a vested interest in negative outcomes should be told to fuck right off.

We should also start telling interfering government to leave us alone.  Not asking them to leave us alone, ordering them to.

After all, they are supposed to be our employees not our masters.

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  1. You don't get bonus media points unless whatever you are reporting on is a crisis. And you can use said crisis to push your agenda.

    See a plastic bag rolling in the wind. ZOMG!!! Plastics be killing us!!!
    (goes back in time 35 years or so...)
    See paper bag lying on side of road. ZOMG!!! We're killing the forests!!!

    Thug uses gun to kill homeowner. ZOMG!!! Guns make people kill people!!!
    Homeowner uses gun to kill thug. ZOMG!!! Guns make people kill a kind, generous scholar who didn't do anything, was selling thugscout cookies to pay for his grandmother's wheelchair or something...

    Gas car drives by, emitting exhaust. ZOMG!!! We're going to die of air pollution, we need electric cars.
    Electric car drives by very quietly. ZOMG!!! Blind people are going to be killed by the bazillions by electric cars because they be silent killers. (No. I am not making this up. When hybrids and all-electrics became 'fashionable' the media actually ran stories about how kids and blind people and whomever were going to be killed by these silent killers...)

    Can't sell news without something newsworthy. (Cue "Dirty Laundry.") Or, well, if it bleeds it leads. Friggin ghouls and fearmongers (witness fake pickup truck explosions...)


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