21 April 2020

Another Petri Dish

USS Theodore Roosevelt has dumped some Wu Ping Cough numbers on us.

Allegedly.  I read this on the internet, so it must be true.  You can't lie on a forum, right?

But if it's true... it's premature.

4,800 crew with 100% testing.

700 or 14.6% positive.

7 hospitalized, 2 needing ICU

1 dead.

That's an CFR of 0.15%  IFR still unknown.
I will try to find another source for these numbers, take them as optimistic rumors for now.

According to UPI the entire crew has not yet been tested.


  1. 86% exposed but never got infected. CFR=IFR, but E-for-exposure-FR is less than a fifth of the CFR.

  2. Still, gotta wonder, would Corona-Wuhan struck the crew if the ex-skipper hadn't made a port call in a Vietnamese port that was, at the time, riddled with the Wu Ping Cough?

    We friggin tanked the USA over a moderate seasonal flu.


  3. It jibes with the numbers off the Diamond Princess.

    So I think we've got a benchmark for what a fraud this whole thing has been.


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