16 April 2020

Random Babble

I'm sitting here considering that a 9mm pistol in GURPS is differentiated by just weight and capacity.

There's some very slight differences in damage and range from differing barrel lengths, but most are the same.

Then I segued into wondering how this applied to the real world.

Are 9mm pistols all that different?

There's reams of articles and terabytes of data dedicated to saying, "yes," but how different are they?

I shoot my Hi-Power better than any other 9mm I own.

I can't tell the difference between targets from shooting my Glock 17 or M&P 9.  Or the Glock 45 for that matter.

The Lovely Harvey can't make the Glock 17 group for all the tea in India, but shoots her M&P 9 quite well.

Willard shoots the same group with just about anything he wraps his paws around.

I sometimes think that best one is the one you like best and are able to shoot acceptably.

Even if you chose it because it was "pretty".

Even if you chose it because it felt good in your hand in the gun shop.

And those two things could be attached to a gun you can't hit the broad side of a barn from within.

Did you read this far?

Yeah, I'm rambling.  This doesn't have a conclusion.


  1. I've noticed the same thing. When I was a child, I was given the opportunity by Dad to shoot his Ruger Single-Six fixed sight revolver at cans and other small targets of opportunity. When I later graduated to a Ruger Super Single-Six of my own (15th birthday), I didn't shoot that appreciably better than Dad's gun. Only when I went to a Ruger Mk II Target bull barrel did I see better results. All of them were shot two hand hold, offhand.


    Another thing I noticed: Dad was pretty cheap and bought Winchester white box Wildcats, Federal Lightning (navy blue box w/ yellow and white lightning). The only other ammunition he bought was yellow box Winchester Super-X (for him, the 'Good Stuff'). Yet to me, it all shot the same, with very little difference in impact. We NEVER adjusted the drift adjustable rear sight of his gun. Maybe our wobbles canceled each other out - but there it was. Weird.

  2. How about reliability? A modern Glock 17 is much likelier to go BANG when you pull the trigger than a WWI-era Luger.

    1. Willard's Luger is interwar made and it's only failed with that ultra modern stuff we tested a while back.

  3. I know a guy who swears by Hi-Points. He loves them. Shooks mad skillz and all that.

    Then there's Demolition Ranch, who tried to blow up some Hi-Points using various substances to plug the barrels. One, with a concrete plug, no damage, worked. As did all the others.

    Ugly things, overly complicated, but they work. Unlike Jenning .25ACP guns...


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