15 April 2020

The Missus Doesn't Like It

Harry, when your wife makes you change everything about yourself to keep her, you should let her go.

There's a word that I think you might want to get familiar with as you cave to every demand:


Google it, Harry.

A man who changes everything about himself for a woman who was supposedly attracted to the man before they married seldom keeps her interest for long past the changes and that normally leads to infidelity.

There's a technical, and very offensive, term for a woman who selects a man with the idea of changing everything about them.  The polite version is harridan.  The rude version shares 75% of the letters with aunt.


  1. And him? He's passed '(term for cat)-whipped.' He's gone to full-out '(word that shares 75% of the letters of aunt)-battered.'

    The new Wallis Simpson is just as destructive as the old Wallis Simpson. And has about the same effect upon the Brit Royal Family as the original. At least the new Wallis Simpson hasn't caused a reigning royal to abdicate the throne.

    Just waiting for her to receive the 'Princess Di' treatment. Which will happen about 30 seconds after the inevitable divorce is final.

    It's almost as much fun as watching Kennedy family drama, no?

  2. I would have been out the door and gone about thirty seconds after I learned that the name she uses isn't her actual name.

    ... and it would only be that long so I could check that I still had my watch and wallet.

  3. I understand, doing what you do for love...but damm...have some self respect, no piece of ass is worth all that. She will treat you like dirt because you didn't stand up for yourself.


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