26 April 2020

More Moon

The EF 75-300 USM has been a vexing lens because I didn't know what I didn't know about photography.

Apparently the answer to aperture size isn't "crank that bitch wide open and leave it there!"

Dialing back the aperture to f/11 and using automatic exposure bracketing, I finally got a good pic of the moon!

Cropped.  Canon EOS M50, EF 75-300, f/11, 1/15", 300mm, ISO 100
I think I would prefer a little brighter next time, but this is literally the first moon picture with this lens that didn't have some sort of chromatic issue.

It's exciting to learn!

In general, though I'm taking better pictures with the EF-S 55-250.

Canon EOS M50, EF-S 55-250, f/11, 1/15", 250mm, ISO 100


  1. Now you've just got to get a good photo of the nazi spaceships running in formation across the terminator.

    1. That will require a bit more glass than I have...

      Feel free to stab that donate button!

  2. Looking good!

    Next step is that you're going to see the moon moving when you magnify it enough and the pictures don't get sharper. So you look for a way to track out the motion, like this;
    or these home made ones:

    Warning: these things are like that first shot of heroin. You see the results, they're exciting as can be but they could be just a little better... There's madness down that road. DAMHIK.

    1. The moon is a difficult target and great for learning a camera... I'm told.


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