12 April 2020

Speaking Of Miracles

Sir Stirling Moss has died, in bed, at 90.

Considering how deadly Formula One was in the years he was active there, it's amazing he lived to be 40, let alone 90.

Sir Moss was, like a few of us, living in the bonus time after a life which should have killed us.

Rest in Peace Sir.


  1. Nit-picking alert:
    British protocol for naming of knights is "Sir" + "first name" +(optional) "last name"

    The Knight
    He is the foundation of nobility.
    He is the most numerous and least appreciated.
    He wages war on behalf of his lord; he protects the land on behalf of his lord, as well as a myriad of other tasks his lord needs him to due.
    He his given all the custom and courtesies, as well as rights and privileges of nobility. His title also warrants him military authority, as he and the Lord are the primary fighting arm of the kingdom; this is because most nobles higher then lords plan wars whereas the Knight and Lord fight them.
    He differs from a lord in that he is not given land to govern over and thus is not “landed” as Lords and above are.

    His title reads Sir (or Dame) (First Name) (Last Name).

    1. I am torn between respect for Mr Moss and not giving two shits about English titles of nobility because 1776.

    2. From the mouth of the man himself:

      …for a couple of generations, British traffic cops sneeringly asked speeding motorists, “Who do you think you are, Stirling Moss?” (Moss, who had been knighted, was once asked that question, and answered, “Sir Stirling, please.”)

  2. It's a tough call.

    I have immense respect for Sir Stirling Moss, knighted for actual achievements, but little to none for most of the rest of the crop of ne'er-do-wells, sycophants, lick-spittles, and toadies that make up the English "nobility".

    And as for the royals - but for one or two, they are all nought but philanderers, adulterers, and oxygen thieves.


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