11 April 2020

Overly Complicated

My Father In Law's truck decided to not start this morning.

Because I'm the "mechanic" in the family, he asked me to look at it.

I suspected the battery but feared it was the starter.

When he tried to crank it, there was the clunk of the starter solenoid but no cranking of the motor.

The battery didn't drop but half a volt while making the clunk.

"Dammit!  That's a starter," I think.

I don't know why I thought to check the under-hood electrical center, but I did.  There are two relays associated with the starter, "RUN/CRANK" and "STRTR".  I swapped the run/crank for the retained accessory power relay and it fired right up!

$22 later and a new relay in the run/crank spot and it's all better.


Cars these days.

Turning the key to "crank" doesn't make a direct connection to the starter.  It sends a request to the computer to start the engine and then it sends out the commands to get things rolling.  That means relays in abundance.

The Precious sounds like a typewriter during start up and shut down from all the relay activity under the dash.

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