04 April 2020


Stolen from Technomad's Facebook page.

Man, she ain't kiddin' with this pic (she being the artist, Technomad is a he (or was last time we spoke I will not assume any present gender identification should they have decided to change teams for tax purposes)).

There was a time any fantasy character I played would be an elf.  Half-elf at the absolute outside worst if I couldn't get the DM to let me play the class I wanted.

I was fixated on playing rangers too.  (Not that kind of Ranger, Willard!)  Hmmmm.  Come to think of it, I did make a LOT of Rangers in Twilight: 2000 too...  Uh, nevermind!

I have noticed that I have not made an elf in years, despite having played in and made characters for many fantasy or cross-over fantasy settings.

I have made a lot of dwarves.

This is something I would never have considered in high-school.

1 comment:

  1. That's interesting. I was always playing halflings and dwarves. Theives and rouge's, warriors and battle mages. Still do.


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