19 April 2020

Too Close

The opinions of emergency room staff about the overall effect Wu Ping Cough has compared to other diseases is very much like asking an infantryman stuck on Omaha Beach how the war is going.

I've read a couple ER accounts where they're angry that some people are saying that this is no worse than the flu and then going on to talk about how devastating it is on an individual patient.

OK, Doc, that individual was and is hit harder than the flu normally presents.

But the overall death rate for Covid-19 is still below ROSF-17.  That'd be regular old seasonal flu.

By that metric it's not as bad as the flu.

It's not even close to what Hong Kong flu pulled in 1968.

I feel sorry for that individual and I do not doubt your observations; but you're too close to the battle to see the war.

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