16 April 2020

I Think It's A Good Ruling

If there's one place you should be safe from The State, it's at home.

The serving of a warrant to enter or search your home should be a complicated ritual with the odds stacked in favor of the rightful resident.

Which means, if the police fail to properly evoke the ritual, it changes them from lawful representatives of The State and into criminal trespassers.

Someone lost five years of their life over the failure of the police to properly perform the ritual.

But we now have jurisprudence, in Florida anyway, for the minimum standard where it's OK to shoot at the cops.

Always remember, People have rights, government has powers.  Powers derived from the people and loaned to the government, but not abdicated.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Angus;

    I saw in the comments where "Divemedic"had posted....He was spot on in the comments, this is a nightmare situation for honest gun owners.....


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