29 April 2020

Siebenundsiebzigstes Regiment der Kavallerie

77th?  Historically there were only 15 Cavalry Regiments in the regular US Army in 1899.

In 1882 Congress, while finally restoring funding to the military overall, also authorized the Army to form two additional cavalry regiments of a "new" model abandoning the de facto dragoon model that was already in place.  Especially if units were to be going down the spook-hole to find and contact the finest light cavalry ever fielded.

The 16th was formed normally, but a clerk messed up the formation of the 17th.

He was a German immigrant and wrote his 'ones' the way he always had without thinking they resembled 'sevens', but had also just recently been broken of the habit of crossing his 'sevens' to distinguish them from the 'ones'.

By the time the error was caught, materiel had been ordered and manufactured from guidons to hat badges.

It became simpler to just have an out of sequence unit number than to insist on remaking everything to say 17th.

WF Fleetwood contributed greatly to this portion of the world-building.

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